About Us

SCRTC is really about you. South Central Rural Telecommunications Cooperative, or SCRTC for short, is a cooperative organization. This means we are owned and operated for the benefit of those using our services. Profits and earnings generated by the cooperative are distributed among the members who are user-owners.

We’ve been serving you for over 65 years. A brief history:

  • 1950: introduced telephone service
  • 1995: introduced internet service
  • 2002: introduced television services
  • 2016: introduced security and surveillance services

We are your cooperative. There is no such thing as turning off SCRTC at night. With over 100 employees from your community dedicated to your service, we take prompt action to restore services when storms or outages happen.

Contact us to be a part of our family. Call us today at (270) 678–2111 for more information on any of our services.