Residential Point to Point Wi-Fi

Is your home or business in need of internet service in multiple on-premise buildings? Does your Wi-Fi only cover a small outdoor footprint, but you have need for better more extended coverage? If so, SCRTC’s managed point-to-point wireless service may be the perfect fit. With each service customized based on your particular needs, our team of trained technicians are able to design and deploy a service that’s right for you. We accommodate residential customers who need their network extended from their house to a detached garage, to businesses that need their network available in all onsite buildings and Wi-Fi blanketing their entire campus. Here are some examples of how we make IoT work for all of our customers:

Deployment examples:

  • A farmer needs internet from their house to barns, shops, or other outbuildings
  • A residential customer needs Wi-Fi in their detached garage
  • A business needs to expand their network from their primary facility, to other on-premise buildings
  • A park needs to provide Wi-Fi to their guests
  • A municipality needs city cameras connected to their LAN
  • A church needs to connect to their annex building and provide Wi-Fi over the church grounds
  • A campground needs to provide Wi-Fi to onsite cabins

As you can see, we design to your specific needs. For a customized quote, contact our customer service department.

* Line of site is required for point-to-point wireless services to work.

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